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Advanced Driving Course

Level 2 Advanced Driving Course Take Your Driving Skill To The Next Level Conducted on the race circuit at Sandown – Let’s push a little harder! Minimum theory – Maximum driving Driver Dynamics Advanced Car Control Course gives you the

High Performance Track Days

Drive Fast and Have a Blast! Have you ever wanted to drive your own car at unrestricted speeds on one of Australia’s best racing circuits? Let your performance car off the leash with a Driver Dynamics track day. Driver Dynamics

Fleet and Corporate Driver Training

Fleet & Corporate Driving Course Driver Dynamics Click For More

Fleet and Corporate Driver Training Fleet and Corporate training programs can be branded to suit your organisation and can include specific criteria to suit your OH&S requirements. We provide both on road driver evaluations as well as traditional defensive and

Security and Counter-Terrorist Training

Security & Counter-Terrorist Training “When the chips are down and the only person you can count on is yourself, the only thing you can count on is your training.” Driver Dynamics conducts Anti Terrorist / Anti Kidnap and Security Driver

Driving Event Packages

Driving Event Packages We conduct team building Drive Days for companies, clubs, or just a group of friends. Days are all customised to suit your needs and can include various driving activities including Driving on two wheels in our two