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Fleet and Corporate Driver Training

Fleet and Corporate Driving Programs Contact Us

Fleet and Corporate training programs can be branded to suit your organisation and can include specific criteria to suit your OH&S requirements.

We provide both on road driver evaluations as well as traditional defensive and advanced driving courses for company fleets.

Driver Dynamics can also cater for groups or organisations with specific training needs, for example: driving on gravel roads / towing / mine sites / etc.

We also provide specialist Anti – Terrorist courses for Military and Police forces.

Course Summary

  1. Drivers must be licensed and provide their own vehicle for this course
  2. Driver Dynamics can provide vehicles at extra cost
  3. Course commences at 8.30 am and concludes at around 4.00 pm
  4. Cost : Contact us for a quote
  5. Core locations: Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney
  6. A course certificate is issued on completion of the course
  7. This course can also be conducted in regional areas

Fleet Safety and Defensive Driving Program key learning objectives:

  1. Through practical driving exercises, become more ‘speed aware’, particularly in how the degree of vehicle control difficulty increases exponentially in relation to increases in vehicle speeds
  2. Develop an understanding of basic vehicle dynamics in emergency situations
  3. Learn to predict potential hazards, identify risky situations and minimise danger
  4. Understand the importance of keeping your vision high and maintaining sensible safety margins around your vehicle at all times
  5. Develop a positive and proactive attitude towards defensive driving

The courses incorporate the following training material:

  1. Basic vehicle dynamics
  2. The correct systems of car control : seating, vision, and steering
  3. Correct braking techniques for both ABS and non-ABS vehicles
  4. Skid causation, basic skid control, and skid prevention
  5. Raising the drivers level of awareness in relation to speed, reaction times and stopping distances
  6. Learn how your vehicle reacts in emergency situations
  7. EcoDrive for better economy
  8. Multiple vehicle use

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