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Road Safety Sessions

Interactive Defensive Driving Presentation For Corporate Groups

Driver Dynamics offers a 3 hour Interactive Defensive Driving Presentation with one of our Senior Instructors.

An in-depth road safety presentation covering a large variety of subjects and the key principals of defensive driving, including:

  • Understanding of how a drivers attitudes, motivations, and risk taking behaviour can affect that drivers safety and the safety of other road users
  • Safety features of the modern car
  • The Golden Rules of Defensive Driving and how to apply them to everyday driving
  • The importance of correctly inflated tyres and the condition and type of tyres
  • Road laws and the introduction of any new laws
  • Speed, Fatigue, Drugs and alcohol, driver distractions

Lots more!!

This is a fun, team building experience, and allows companies to fulfil their OH&S obligations in an engaging and truly interactive way – without the costs of attending an off-site full day driving course.

These courses can be conducted at your office, or at Driver Dynamics headquarters Sandown International Raceway, or any venue of your choice.This course is available Australia wide.

Prices start from only $1500 for up to 30 participants at your premises – that’s as little as $50 per person!

Interactive Defensive Driving Presentation & Onroad Driving Assessment

Driver Dynamics offers a full day safe driving program, usually delivered at your place of business, at Driver Dynamics headquarters Sandown International Raceway, or any venue of your choice, Australia wide.

This program includes the Interactive Defensive Driving Presentation with an additional on – road driving assessment by our Senior Advanced Driving Instructors.

These programs can be conducted over one or two days, consisting of a 3 hour Defensive Driving Interactive Presentation, followed by an in depth 3 hour On Road Driving Assessment and written report with Driver Dynamics Senior Driving Instructors.

Contact Driver Dynamics on 1300 652 693 for more information.