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Where Race Drivers Go Before They Hit The Racetrack

Driver Dynamics Junior Motorsport Training including Karts to Cars

We have developed a driving program to help young drivers and their parents make a successful transition from karts to cars. This program is also suitable for young drivers or new to circuit racing drivers. Developed from over 34 years of full time professional advanced / high performance / tactical / and counter terrorist driver training.

It is all about Understanding Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, Track Driving Skills, High End Car Control Skills, and Critical Limit Training.

Developed by Driver Dynamics Master Instructor Kevin Flynn. We have taken the most relative components from our Advanced Driving Course, our Tactical Driving Course, our High-Performance Driving Course, and our iSET Counter Terrorist Driving Course, and put them together in a course suitable to karters, juniors, and new to circuit racing drivers making the transition to cars.

Stage 1 Vehicle Dynamics and Car Control

This program is conducted at our home base at Sandown Raceway and focuses on the drivers’ understanding of vehicle control, vehicle dynamics, the differences between karting and car techniques, and critical limit training.
Some of the areas covered in this program include…

  • Understanding advanced vehicle dynamics theory
  • Understanding and manipulating ABS systems – including using the ABS system as a stability device
  • Maximising braking in non-abs cars
  • Correct steering inputs, including understanding slip angles
  • Corner Braking
  • Making combinations of braking and turning – including multiple direction changes
  • Line of vision
  • Understanding tyre grip including peak to slip ratios, weight transfer, Kamm Circle manipulation
  • This is a full day training course, beginning at 7.00am in the classroom and concluding at 5.00pm

We supply cars, instructors, all training equipment, tea / coffee / water / soft drinks, morning tea, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.

We do not focus on basic track driving techniques like line and turn-in on Stage 1. We also do not focus on basic manual transmission operation; this can be arranged separately prior to attending.

Long sleeves, long pants and sensible footwear are required for this course.

Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by one guardian for the duration of this course.

Please do not bring spectators with you.

Stage 2 Skidpan Training

Our motto: We are drifters – Not power sliders.This is a term foreign to most circuit racing people, a term you will understand and fully appreciate upon completion of this course.

This is a practical driving course – we spend the day driving on a wet skidpan.

The driving component covers the following and more…

  • Practical Understeer exercises
  • Practical Oversteer exercises
  • Power Oversteer
  • Oversteer correction using ABS
  • Drift in a circle
  • Figure 8 training
  • Making drift transitions
  • Extending Drift
  • Drift entries
  • Drift entries into power oversteerThis is a full day driving course, there is no classroom component.

Course starts at 8.30am and concludes at 4.00pm.
Morning tea, lunch, water, soft drinks included.
Drivers can supply their own rear wheel drive vehicle for this course or drive one of our Toyota 86 school cars.
Helmets are not required for this course.
Long sleeves, long pants and sensible footwear are a requirement.
Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by one guardian for the duration of this course.

Stage 3 Driver Dynamics Sandown Trackday

It’s time to hit the track!
You will be assigned one of our professional instructors to work with you on improving your track driving technique.
This course focuses on track driving skills such as turn-in, apexes, braking points, ideal line, maximising corner exit, vision skill, etc.
We also provide safety crew including a fully equipped First Intervention Vehicle, flag marshals, lunch, and refreshments. Drivers can also complete their Motorsport Australia Observed License Test during this program.
This is a full day course, starting at 8.00am and concluding at 4.00pm.
Drivers must supply their own car for this program.
Racing cars are welcome but must be fitted with a passenger seat and comply with Sandown’s strict noise requirements of 75dbl.
Open wheel race cars (Formula Ford, Vee, F4, F3, etc.) cannot attend.
Helmet, long sleeves, long pants, and sensible footwear is required for this course.
Drivers must be a minimum of 14 years old to attend.
Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by one guardian for the duration of this course.
Spectators are welcome.

Stage 4 Ebisu Circuit Japan

Advanced Skid Control including Drift Training and Drift Competition
Conducted at Ebisu Circuit Japan, the world’s best drifting complex.
Where does the World Rally Champion practice? What about the world’s best drifters?
The answer is Ebisu Circuit.
Join us for 6 days of driving on the best drifting tracks in the world where drivers learn the best Japanese techniques.
Ebisu offers driving freedom not available on Australian tracks, typically drivers can be behind the wheel for as much as 6-7 hours per day at Ebisu. We often say that 6 days at Ebisu is equal to 1-2 years of driving in Australia.
Culminating in competing in a round of the Ebisu Drift Series competition.
This experience will lift your car control skills to a completely different stratosphere.
There is no age limit on this course – in December 2022 we had 10-year-old James Flynn training with us at Ebisu and competing in the final round of the Ebisu Drift Series.
We have been competing in Japan for over 12 years and have very strong relationships at Ebisu Circuit. We can arrange car purchase, tyres, service, fuel, accommodation, etc.
It’s probably cheaper than you might think.
Helmet, long sleeves, long pants, and sensible footwear is required for this course.
Cars are required to be fitted with roll cages, racing seat, and full harness.
Passengers are welcome on most tracks at Ebisu. Helmet, racing seat and harness are required for passengers.
Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by at least one guardian for the duration of this course.
Spectators are welcome.

Student Testimonials

Kevin from Driver Dynamics has played a major role in my racing progression. From the multiple times he put me in his Toyota 86 on his Winton Skid Pan sessions. The sessions focused on car control, knowing how to control the car when it reacts and slides. He both demonstrates and gives you guidance to how to maximise a result of a situation. The time and effort he has put into my driving has helped me learn and further expand the skills of car control and what to do in a critical limit situation.

Matt Hillyer2022 Victorian Formula Ford Champion

My son Hunter has been lucky enough to get driver training from Driver Dynamics both here in Australia and in Japan. Kevin Flynn is an excellent instructor, he really connects with the kids and gets them driving confidently in a short space of time. From a kid that had never driven a car before to now, his car control is at a level where we feel very confident with him behind the wheel of a race car. My son feels extremely privileged to have had Kevin coach him.

Danielle Salvatore

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