“When the chips are down and the only person you can count on is yourself,
the only thing you can count on is your training.”

Driver Dynamics conducts Anti Terrorist / Anti Kidnap and Security Driver Training Courses for Police and Military Forces, Security Agencies, CPP Professionals, Correctional Facilities, Government Agencies, Royal Families, “At Risk” individuals, Company Executives and their families.

Driver Dynamics is the Southern Hemispheres’ largest provider of counter terrorist driving courses.

SME for Military and Police Training Courses and Training Course Design.

ISET training for Police and Military personnel.

UASUV training.

TR Training.

Many of the world’s most elite fighting forces have completed our training programs.

These driving courses are typically customised to suit the individual needs of the participants.

Our courses are primarily conducted at Sandown Raceway, Melbourne, however we have a number of secure locations in Australia where this course is conducted for Defence and Police personnel.

This program can also be conducted outside of Australia.

We also offer professional driving services.

Please contact us for more information about this program. This program can be conducted overseas.